Persuasive Writing Topics

Persuasive Writing Essay Ideas:

1. Should/Shouldn’t talking on the cell phone without the use of a handsfree device be illegal?

2. Should/Shouldn’t sports betting or gambling be legal?

3. Should/Shouldn’t there be an internet censor imposed by the government?

4. Should/Shouldn’t teachers have a dress code or uniform?

5. Should/Shouldn’t companies have affirmative action?

6. Is or isn’t it right to teach sex education in public schools?

7. Should/Shouldn’t abortion be legal?

8. Should/Shouldn’t politicians be able to accept money from lobbyists?

9. Legalization/Prohibition of Marijuana.

10. Should Puerto Rico be incorporated into the U.S as a state?

11. Should euthanasia be legal?

12. Why should we protect the environment?

13. Should prostitution be legal/why should prostitution stay illegal?

14. Should more forms of renewable energy be used?

15. Should genetically modified foods be labeled/illegal?

16. Should there be a subsidy/program for free wi-fi, why would it benefit the cost?

17. Do immigration laws need to be reformed?

18. Is the penalty for downloading illegal content too excessive?

19. Should teenage girls have to obtain parental consent for birth control?

20. Should selling sugary snacks and drinks be banned at elementary/middle/high schools?

21. Should state colleges be tuition free/completely state funded?

22. Are uniforms necessary for students?

23. Should elderly people be forced to renew their driver's licenses?

24. Is cloning an ethical practice, even for organs?

25. Is giving an allowance an effective way to teach financial responsibility or should it be only given as a reward?

26. Why should someone do community service for a specific organization/cause?

27. Is the amount of television/media watched by Americans too much, persuade why or why not?

28. Should students be forced to do volunteer work?

29. Are searching schools using drug dogs randomly an effective way to prevent drug use?

30. Should we reform our food system from factory farms & harmful chemicals? Or are they necessary?

31. Why should someone quit smoking or why is a certain substance harmful?

32. Prohibition/Protection of the consumption of alcohol.

33. Are interactions over the computer and electronics making people less social?

34. Should fathers have a right to a “paternity leave”?

35. Should there be some sort of measure of population control, i.e., limiting a number of children?

36. How is television influencing peoples minds?

37. Should more funding be given to public education?

38. Should more funding be given to public transportation?

39. Should funding be taken away from public transportation?

40. Write an essay calling people to action to save the environment.

41. Is the Euro a good idea?

42. Should/Shouldn’t migrants or refugees be allowed in a country?

43. Write an essay persuading readers to diet better/exercise more.

44. Is a speed limit for highways necessary?

45. Is access to the internet a fundamental human right?

46. Should foreign aid be reduced to decrease the budget deficit?

47. Should private property owners be forced to limit smoking indoors?

48. Should school cafeterias be healthier?

49. Is the American dream still attainable?

50. Do we need more/less social welfare?

51. Are music lyrics promoting violence and selling drugs?

52. Are online classes an effective method of teaching?

53. Does the media control our elections?

54. Try to convince someone to be a vegetarian?

55. Should stricter fuel emission standards be imposed?

56. Why or why not is learning history important?

57. Write an essay defending/criticizing progressive tax rates?

58. Should the rich be taxed more?

59. Should there be regulations on junk food?

60. Write an essay about a cause you are passionate about.

61. Is polygamy acceptable?

62. Are we too focused on beauty?

63. Does the media influence our idea of beauty?

64. Why is it important to know foreign languages?

65. Write an essay criticizing/defending the patriot act?

66. Should the executive branch hold more power?

67. Write an essay about a law that should be changed.

68. How can something in your community be improved?

69. Call people to action to vote for a particular political candidate.

70. How could our legal system be improved?

71. Should the government censor obscene content?

72. At a certain age, should people be required to take a driving test every year or two years?

73. Should more people grow their own food?

74. Why should you be a vegetarian or vegan?

75. Is America’s fascination with celebrities unhealthy?

76. Is conscription ethical for wars fought outside the country?